French Mythology 101

October 16, 2008 by  

Myths busted:

1. All French people wear berets. So far we have seen a few berets around – mostly in Paris, worn by tourists who were having their pictures taken in front of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame.

2. French people are snobs. Many people think that the French are not friendly and they don’t like it when you speak to them – even in French. We have not found this to be the case at all. People have been very receptive to us speaking in French or English. They have been forgiving of us when we forget vocabulary or use the wrong verb tense or when we can’t pronounce something properly. Some have even coached us along with support while we try to complete a sentence.

Often servers in restaurants spoke to my sister and me in French and address the others in English – they’re cool with your language of choice. And they have been very helpful with making recommendations, answering questions, and explaining dishes.

3. “Bon matin” is a greeting used to say “good morning.” This may translate from English well, but French people actually greet you in the morning with “bonjour.” However, in the evening “bon soir” is used.

4. French food is small portions. We have been fed so well while we’ve been here that we still have yet to eat a full lunch and dinner. Either we have a small snack for lunch and a full dinner, or we’ve eaten so much at lunch that we can’t eat more than a small dinner. The portions are huge, the courses are multiple and the food is hearty.

Myths Verified:

1. The French love bread and you often see them carrying it around in the streets. Many people also have long loaves in the baskets of their bicycles. We even saw two children who were about as tall as the French stick carrying it home (well, the little girl had a kitten and the boy had the bread). Bread is served for breakfast. Bread is always on your table for lunch or dinner. If you need more, it arrives quickly.

2. The French love wine. It is not very often that we observed a table of French-speakers in a restaurant who did not have a glass of wine on the table. Rosé was pretty common to see on lunch tables, so we picked up the habit too.


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