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The Ruby Suitcase Futures program is a great way to buy top-quality stories for your publication before they are released to the public. There is such a demand for quality writing that editors may wish to secure a Ruby Suitcase exclusive before the suitcase has been packed and whisked off to an exotic (or familiar) location.

Ruby Suitcase Futures offer significant value. As an editor, you are able to request specific interviews, locations, or coverage of events. You may customize the scope and theme of the article. The Futures offerings include everything from up-and-coming adventures to in-the-city assignments.

If there is a specific story that you want covered for your publication, it may only be available as Futures. Given the growing wine industry in BC and the explosion of top quality restaurants on the Vancouver scene, buying Futures is the best way to secure these stories.

How do I order Ruby Suitcase Futures articles?

  • Send me an email with the details.  You can reach me at sheila[at]rubysuitcase[dot]com.

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