Sundown at Calvayrac

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(Sunday Oct. 5, 2008)

Shortly after 7:00 I look out the window of my bedroom at Calvayrac and notice that the hillside is ablaze. The sun is setting and casting a beautiful glow. I decide to take a walk to the west to get the full effect. The wind of the last few days is gone and it’s still a very comfortable temperature of nearly 20°C.

As I set out, Belle, the golden retriever of the house gives me a bark to let me know she’ll accompany me down the dirt road. Like moths to the light, Belle and I are drawn towards the ball of fire dropping behind the rolling hills in the distance.

The first line of hills blocks the full view to the left, so I climb up through the field to the top of a small mount. From this vantage point there is a panorama of all the many different ranges. The sharper hills to the south are so far off in the distance that the jagged line they leave on the horizon looks like a pattern a child might cut into a paper snowflake with a dull pair of scissors in a primary art class, although they are black instead of white.

The thin, swirling cloud cover is just enough to bring out a different palate of colours each minute the sun sinks lower in the sky. At first, the sky is still quite blue and the clouds near the sun turn buttery yellow and warm peach, while the clouds further away are a cooler pink and periwinkle.

As it lowers, the sky heats up to blazing shades of hot yellow gold, orange, and a fleshy salmon. Jade, the granddaughter of our hostess calls out to Belle from the house in the distance.

Belle obediently heads home and I take her cue. The insects serenade me as I stop to take a few last photos from the dirt path of the cool, dark sky now beautiful shades of purple and blue.

Calvayrac First Impressions

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When we first flew from Paris to Toulouse we were not quite sure what to expect from the southern area of France we’d decided to visit.

I thought I would share some of our first impressions to give you an idea about what it looked like in the area we stayed.

My sister booked a B&B in the countryside about an hour-long drive from Toulouse. We were very happy to have GPS guidance when we started curving around the country roads.

Enjoy the photos!